Who doesn’t love a robot made up of other robots?  To western TV viewers they could be represented by Voltron or Power Rangers depending how old you are, but these are just a drop in the bucket of super robot lore that exists in Japan.

Toy maker Bandai on 22 October announced the release of a new legend in their long line of super robot toys known as “chogokin.” Chogodai King Robo Mickey & Friends is everyone’s favorite Disney characters assembled into a giant robot to fight… god knows what but it’s still pretty cool.

Chogodai King Robo Mickey & Friends is made up of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto (with dog house).  There is also a little Steamboat Willie machine to act as the head of the super robot.

Each Disney character can be seen piloting the mech versions of themselves if you look into their eye visors. Much like the version of Voltron based on Japan’s awkwardly titled Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, the Disney crew is divided into three teams; Air, Sea and Land.

Chogodai (lit. Super Unit) is a play on the term Chogokin (lit. super alloy) which is a series of hugely successful robot toys made by Bandai in Japan that morphed into the Gobot toy series in America and heavily influenced the development of Transformers.

Bandai is hoping Chogodia King Robo Mickey & Friends will form a “super alloy” of Chogokin and Disney fans alike.  It will go on sale near the end of March 2013 at stores across Japan for 13,440 yen (US$).

However, before that there will be a special display of the giant (22cm) robot at UDX Akihabara during Tamashii Nations 2012 (Oct 26-28).

And so, Chogodai King Robo Mickey & Friends will soon be here to fight for the honor of cross marketing everywhere against… something. Who cares? Just buy it!

Source: Bandai, Tamashii Nation via NariNari (Japanese)
Images: Bandai, Tamashii Nation

▼ The Chogodai King Robo Mickey & Friends Team

▼ If you look inside you can see the original characters.