In their seemingly endless quest to experience the softness of a woman’s breast,  our Japanese reporters in Tokyo caught word of a store in Beppu, Oita, that sells manju (steamed pork buns) that look and, presumably, feel like boobs. 

We think you know what happened next.

Beppu is one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resort towns, home to eight different fountainheads and an abundant variety of baths. The town was also once known for its thriving sex industry, and the nipple-capped “Pink Manju” that our reporter set out to find are perhaps a throwback to the good old days, before city officials cleaned up the brothels for concerned parents and tourists.

The manju can be found at the Kannawa Manju shop in Kannawa, an area in Beppu containing the majority of the city’s most well-known hot springs. Before heading out, our reporter was pleased to hear from his informant that the pièce de résistance of these steamed buns are the nipples, which are said to look and feel exactly like the real deal— right down to the firmness.

After arriving in Beppu and locating Kannawa Manju, our reporter purchased a pair of Pink Manju, which came wrapped in an elegant packaging that resembled a bikini or bra.

He writes, “I removed the bra…er, wrapping with impatient hands and exposed the pinkish-white objects. They were slightly firm, but I imagine they would soften up if you steamed or microwaved them.”

Being the gentleman he is, our reporter spent some time massaging the manju before moving on to the main course, being sure to hit all the right spots and let her know that…wait, what am I writing about again?

Our reporter comments on the taste: “They were just as delicious as normal manju but with the right amount of added spiciness. The filling had a refined, mellow flavor that led me to believe they use quality meat.” He adds, “When I tore off an ate the nipple, it was firmer than other parts of the manju.” Ouch!

Finally, regarding his overall impressions from his time spent with the manju, he writes: “Did they feel like boobs? I’ll leave you to decide that with your own hands. But, in any case, the nipples felt real. There’s no mistake that they modeled those nipples off of an actual woman. Incidentally, the store selling the Pink Manju was being attended to by two elderly women.”

Ugh… Pancakes, anyone?

■ Information
Store Name: Kannawa Butaman Honten
Address: 3 Kumi Ida, Beppu, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Phone: +81 977-66-2625
Hours: 9:00 – 16:00, closed the second Monday of every month

Photos: RocketNews24
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