Japan was recently dealt a blow in the irony sector by arch rivals China.  Earlier this year, a story about Japanese police on the lookout for Japanese police drew mild chuckles whilst readers continued sipping their tea.

However, this photo of a Lanzhou fire department on fire is currently being touted as “the best joke in the country” on China’s microblogging site Sina Weibo where it was originally uploaded.

The photo of the blaze taken by Weibo user Liu Siyu had spread like wild fire across the net. It was previously estimated to have been uploaded over 70,000 times in four days drawing over 15,000 comments such as “that broke the record for response time.

According to one of the comments there was construction underway in the fire hall’s garage.  An errant spark from welding is said to have come in contact with combustible material triggering the fire.

Liu’s comment with the photo “Have you ever seen a fire department on fire before?” seems to be challenging others to come up with a more absurd photo.

Japan’s Minister of Irony, Observational Humor, and Slapstick refused to comment on how funny this new photo is but reassured the public that their government is hard at work to come up with “something good – like a man dressed like a dog walking a dog… only better!”

Source: EpochTimes (Japanese)
Photo: Liu Siyu – Weibo (Chinese)