We couldn’t quite call this a “fashion”, but it certainly is a growing trend.

On the streets of urban Japan, girls with skirts so short that you could be fooled into thinking they’re not wearing one at all, or women strolling around with thigh-high stockings or boots are such a common sight that few people bat an eyelid anymore.

For perhaps decades, though, the sight of a Japanese woman with large breasts, let alone with cleavage on show, has been something of a rarity. So much so that, walking through the streets of Shinjuku recently, even my wife stopped to whisper a quick “oh my” when a young lady with a particularly prominent pair strode by us, the top two buttons of her shirt open and her goods jiggling up and down.

While most Japanese women are still shy of showing off their cleavage, however, their breasts are becoming more and more noticeable as the straps of their bags cutting across the middle of their chests and pulling their clothes tight. Whether it’s an intentional act or not, publications dedicated entirely to photos of girls with bag straps lodged between their breasts have suddenly arrived both online and in bookstores across the nation, prompting the creation of an entirely new word- paisura.

Are we witnessing the birth of a new fetish here, or simply the outing of a preexisting one? 

Paisura, a combination of the word for breasts (oppai) and a shortened form of the Japanese pronunciation of the word “slash” (surashu), like that of a computer keyboard, is all the rage in Japan right now.

We’ve all noticed it, some of us <cough> may have quietly quite liked it, but it’s only recently that the phenomenon has been so openly discussed, not to mention published in the mainstream media.

It’s not clear whether the attention paisura is gaining has prompted more women to take advantage of their bag straps to show off the goods, or whether we’ve all simply become more aware of  women innocently going about their day with a bag strap slung between their breasts, but it has already has become known as Japan’s newest fetish.

Just last month, publisher Enterbrain, the company behind videogame bible Famitsu and many more, released a photobook, cleverly titled “「π /」Analysis of a Modern Fetish”. While there’s very little actual analysis going on within its pages, there are plenty of photos of girls whose breasts are being accentuated by their bag straps…

Pai Surashu or “Pie Slash”

▼While far from pornographic, the photos inside Paisurashu are certainly distinctive.

The book joins similar publication Paisura Joshi (awkwardly translated “Girls with Boob Slash”), a production that skips any pretence of analysis and investigation altogether, but features photo after photo of the breasts and straps for men to pour over without feeling too guilty…

How will the outing of the wonder that is paisura affect the world? Has the arrival of these books and the open discussion of the fetish ruined it for thousands of men who had been quietly appreciating one of life’s naturally-occurring gifts? Will women start to avoid wearing bags whose straps hang across the chest for fear of being letched at, or will we see an influx of paisura from now on? Only time will tell!

For now, we’ll leave you with this small gallery of images on the theme. If you weren’t a fan before, by the time you reach the bottom of the page, you might just be.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Source: News Post Seven Images: Hachima Kikou

Paisurashu :Enterbrain/Kadokawa Publishing Paisura Joshi: Glide Media