If you liked our guide to making simple 3D sketches or stories about dimension defying stationery and a surreal body artist then you’ll love these pictures!

Ramon Bruin (31) is a Dutch artist who has taken simple pencil drawing and magically brought them to new life in the third dimension.  His quest for more realism led his to start learning the airbrush 10 years ago as it “is a great technique for making paintings with depth and realism.”

Applying the lessons he learnt, he put down the airbrush for a standard pencil and paper since 2010 to try and make the same effect.

However, Bruin continues to wrestle with the complexities of creating 3D art which meets his standards.  Not only the 3D drawing itself, he must also carefully photograph the work to present it properly to the world.

About this Bruin said:

“This depth can only been seen from a certain angle, I also experimented with light and with the correct light it appeared the drawing came off the paper.”

You can imagine the stacks of unseen attempts it must have taken to achieve such lifelike shading using a simple pencil.  You can also see what he means about light in the photos.  Even the shadow of his real hand matches perfectly with the shadow he created by pencil.

Original Article by Tashiro Daiichiro
Source: Daily News America (English)
Ramon Bruin’s Facebook and Website

All pictures are made by hand with pencil, paper, and lighting to create the effect.

I’m not quite sure if that candle is real or not.

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