Despite their irrepressible desire to rip off and devour our flesh, people love zombies. Zombie movies, zombie books, zombie games, zombie theme park events… people are just as obsessed with “consuming” zombies as they are with consuming us.

And now, with Halloween just around the corner, there are more ways than ever to get your zombie fix. In Japan, for example, you can even sit down and have cute zombie maids serve you coffee at the zombie maid café, Maid of the Dead.

Now in its third year, Maid of the Dead is an annual Halloween event put on by Schatzkiste,  an “Akihabara culture café” located in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

From October 26-28, the maids of Schatzkiste are infected with a virus that turns them into undead horrors tormented by an insatiable craving for human flesh and quality customer service. According to Schatzkiste’s blog, the former craving is suppressed by a magic ward cast by head maid Leila. Regardless, guests are advised not to touch the zombies.

While a zombie maid café is novel enough in itself, Schatzkiste has gone all out with the theatrics (this is a cosplay cafe, after all). For starters, the zombie maids’ appearance becomes more grotesque each day as the virus “progresses” and their bodies gradually “decay.”

The café also offers a special menu inspired by classic zombie movies.

First up is “Sangeria,” or “Zombi 2,” as it would be known in English, a fruity non-alcoholic drink that comes with two squishy eyeballs and a bamboo skewer for you to reenact the classic “eyeball scene” (NSFW, gore) from the movie.

Then there’s “The Beyond,” a chocolate cake topped with the juicy (raspberry) brains blown out from the head of the poor girl with pigtails in this famous scene (more gore!).

Finally, there’s “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie,” a plate of omelet over rice garnished with the severed fingers of the dead as they attempted to rise from their graves.

When not overrun with monsters, Schatzkiste is a regular maid café with a charming at-home atmosphere. The café hosts a number of events throughout the year for guests to experience Akihabara culture, so it may be worthwhile for those of you in Tokyo to stop by and see what’s on the calendar— Monday night is board game night!

And if you couldn’t make it out to this year’s Halloween event, fear not; like the zombie craze itself, Maid of the Dead doesn’t look like it will be returning to the grave anytime soon.

■ Information
Store name: Schatzkiste
Address: 6-5-11 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Hours: 12:00-22:00 (L.o. 21:30), closed first Tuesday of every month
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Source: Akiba Blog (NSFW), Schatzkiste blog

▼ Check below for more photos of Maid of the Living Dead III (via Akiba Blog), taken during the first day.

▼ This year’s zombie maid lineup. Taken during the second day of infection.

▼ From last year’s event, but this is what you’re looking at with the third day of infection