Has anyone living in Japan noticed an upgrade in quality of convenience store food lately? 

One of our Japanese reporters frequents his local convenience stores twice daily and, as an avid fan of their food, tells us that he has been pleasantly surprised by the recent rise in quality of convenience store food.

Lawson’s  tasty “Pasta Restaurant” spaghetti series has caught his attention in particular.  Apparently, this pasta is so delicious that it warrants a photo contest in collaboration with LINE Camera, with adorable LINE Camera character plushies and Lawson’s  3000 yen pre-paid cards at stake as prizes.

Some of Lawson’s recommended Pasta Restaurant dishes include “Fried Lasagna Bolognaise” and “Seafood Tomato with Cream Sauce”, but our reporter’s favorite is the “Clam-Packed Spaghetti Alle Vongole.”

“The linguine absorbs the flavor of the clams, giving it just the right chewy texture. Combined with the rich sauce and ocean smell, this is one amazing pasta dish!” he raves.

How many convenient store dishes can you say that about!

The Pasta Restaurant promotional site gives the dish only a little space, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying it the next time you’re looking for a quick meal from Lawson.

Another tasty piece of information which you might be interested in: in addition to mastering amazing pre-made pasta, the team behind Lawson’s Pasta Restaurant have also achieved the Guinness World Record for longest pasta in the world (3776 meters), breaking the standing record of 3333 meter long pasta. Needless to say, they used Pasta Restaurant noodles.

A Japanese convince store holds the record for longest pasta in the world. You should be ashamed of yourselves, Italians.

Next time you find yourself in Lawson’s you’ll want to look for this superb brand of pasta.  You won’t be disappointed!

Yummy looking pasta

What it looks like on the shelf

The longest spaghetti noodle making team celebrating theri victory

▼Some photos from the LINE Camera contest. Yum!

Source: Pasta Restaurant’s Homepage
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