We all had a good laugh at some of the people who frequent China’s internet cafes recently but Japan is not without its share of nuts either.  One just needs to step on one of the hundreds of trains across the country to get a nice spoonful of anti-social behavior.

Some of these folks make Cornman look like a piker.

▼Boy, he’s looks uncomfortable…

▼ There. That’s better!

▼ That’s the worst planking I’ve ever seen.

▼ I’ll wait for the next train.

▼ That cat seems to be looking at something intently.

▼ I see…

▼ He should have got an UpRight Sleeper.

▼ He doing fine without one.

▼ You may have to look carefully to spot this one.

▼ He not actually sleeping.  He’s rockin’ out!

▼ I guess the guy beside him farted.

▼ Mr. Peanut can’t sit due to his salty hemorrhoids.

▼ Spiderman lost his contact lens.

▼ An empty train is the perfect place for kids to do their P90X.

▼ Is there any way you can wake up from this position gracefully?

▼ Notice these gentlemen were polite enough not to put their shoes on the seats.

▼ Him too.

▼ Excuse me. May I have a glass of… Oh I thought you were a water cooler.

▼ It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose. (probably not Japan but still funny)

Source: Mudai no Document (Japanese)