This innovative stand in the shape of a gory zombie hand is guaranteed to make you zombie lovers leer while sending chills down the spines of anyone else who comes in contact with it.  Strapya, an e-commerce smartphone accessory company, created this nifty accessory, which easily sticks to your phone with a suction cup.

With October being the Halloween month, the idea for a zombie hand smartphone stand was easy to come by, especially since Strapya is already the leader in creepy smartphone hand cases.

Something as real and grotesque as this Zombie Hand Smartphone Stand is bound to get reactions everywhere you go!  Great way to make new friends, or enemies!

The secret to creating a realistic zombie hand is not to compromise with quality.  Great care was taken with the details of the color of the skin, the veins, and painting on of dried blood.   In order to produce a graphic zombie hand, Strapya met with many of Japan’s finest craftsman until they perfected the look. After all it must look true to life— or death!

Something so well planned as a zombie hand must have more uses than simply a smartphone stand!  Things you can use your zombie hand for:

・ Use the palm of the hand to hold candy or gum or lipstick if you like.
・ Put your rings on it for a ring holder.  (an eerie new look)
・ Stick it to your TV or computer screen.  It is a great horror effect, looking like a zombie will climb out in any second.
・ Conceal it in a telephone receiver, keyboard or briefcase, it is sure to give someone a scare!

There are probably lots of things a true zombie lover could think of to do with this nifty zombie hand…  as long as it is done in the spirit of good fun, enjoy!

The Zombie Hand for Smartphone is available for purchase here and costs 5000 yen ($63).

Source: Excite Bit News, Official Website