Residents of the Sri Saujana Flat in Penang, Malaysia are up in arms after a security camera caught a young woman urinating in their elevator.  However, they are unable to identify the woman who just couldn’t hold it.

On the video, the woman is seen boarding the elevator.  Then after quickly glancing straight into the camera, pulls down her shorts, squats down and lets it all out over the floor of the lift.

The video was taken around 6:00am on 10 October and it appears the woman was returning home, possibly intoxicated.

Neighbors claim she is a possibly Chinese woman who lives on the 13th floor.  However, she is rarely seen as she leaves in the afternoon while others are working and returns early in the morning.

The building management has reacted by taking still images from the video and posting them in the lobby with the woman’s eyes blurred out. However, tenants are still concerned about health issues.

The management had received several complaints before of foreigners littering in the public areas of the building.

In additions to the building residents, Hollywood producers are also hoping to track down the woman so they can offer her a two year reality TV contract.

Source: Malaysia Navi via Kopipe Intelligence Agency (Japanese)
Photos: Asia News Network