The hair dryer is an essential tool for any woman who wants beautifully styled hair. The Colt Peacemaker is an American single action revolver and iconic pistol of the Wild West.

What do they have in common? Not much. But put together, they make the most badass blowdryer (or poorly-designed firearm) this side of the Mississippi.

The hair dryer is called the .357 Magnum Dryer (though it’s molded after the Peacemaker) and is a vintage novelty item made by Jerdon circa 1981. According to Dude I Want That, it has a faux-pearl handle and chrome-colored plastic barrel, and has even appeared on the big screen in the movies Reckless Kelly and Caddyshack 2.

We recently featured the item on our Japanese sister site, Pouch, and it has since become the objection of desire among Japanese netizens, who write, “I need one of these for my salon!” and “I think I have a goth friend who would love this.”

Unfortunately, these hair dryers are incredibly hard to come by, though $550 can make you the proud owner of this brand new one on eBay.

Source: Dude I Want That

▼ The real Colt Peacemaker for reference

▼ And now the hair dryer

▼ It even has an awesome holster!

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