While most of the world has used online auction site eBay for ten years or more, Japan remains one of the few countries where the site has never quite taken off. Yahoo! Auctions, a service set up in 1998, remains the firm favourite in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and receives a phenomenal amount of net traffic every single day.

The site has provided us with plenty of interesting tales recently, with a case of a man auctioning off a human skull, soon followed by a quirky individual advertising soil allegedly bequeathed to him by God.

This week, however, tongues have been wagging after a 22-year-old man put himself up for auction under the rental services category, starting at just 8,000 yen (US$100) for a 24-hour loan…

Unlike the Brazilian woman who auctioned off her own virginity a couple of weeks ago, the young man makes no promises regarding sexual favours of any kind, and claims to be simply “renting” himself out for the day (not including transportation time).

Let’s take a look at the product information for “Me”…

  • Sex: Male
  • Occupation: Student
  • Age: 22
  • Looks: Average (slightly rugged style)
  • Height: 181.3 cm (5’9″)
  • Weight: 70 kilos (154lbs)
  • Special features: Kendo 1st dan, could probably manage small-talk with English-speakers, former captain of school drama club.

Form an orderly line, ladies! No shoving, please!

The hopeful auctioneer describes himself as having a bright, positive personality and being adept at taking photographs and painting. Naturally, under “condition” he lists himself as “used”…

But what exactly could one do with a rent boy rented boy for the day?

“I could, for example, help out with your job or around the house, or even take part in volunteer activities or just take the role of your pal for the day; please be creative in deciding what to do with me!” remarks “Me”.

There are a few things, however, that he draws the line at:

“I will not: do anything that intrudes upon my notions of fidelity (I’m not selling sex here) / enter into situations that are potentially dangerous / take part in anything that may affect my physical health / take part in anything illegal.”

Hmm, so no dressing him up as a cigarette-smoking sex slave while robbing a booby-trap-lined temple, then? Well that’s my weekend ruined…

The auction still has one day left to go, but as yet has received zero bids, which perhaps explains why the user has since shaved 2,000 yen off the starting price.

If only he accepted PayPal…

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