Prepare to squirm in your seats, fellas.

According to news report over at Japanese info hub Heaven, a 17-year-old boy in China has taken a knife to his own love wand, cutting it off completely, later giving the reason that he was experiencing too many unwanted erections.

Thankfully, the following report does not contain any graphic photos, but there’s still plenty of mental imagery guaranteed to make any man shudder in front of his computer or smart phone…

At around 10 a.m. on Saturday 3 November, a teenager from Quanzhou in southeast China lay back on his bed and removed his own penis using a household knife.

Hearing their son’s blood-curdling scream as he committed the act, the boys parents ran into his bedroom, but found themselves barely able to stand when confronted with the horrific and bloody scene.

Using a car borrowed from a (very generous!) neighbour, the boy was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors worked to stop the bleeding, which is reported to have been life-threateningly severe. Due to the nature of the injury, however, he was then transported to a second hospital where he underwent complex surgery to further suppress the bleeding and re-attach the severed member.

The boy is reported to have told doctors at the hospital that he took the drastic step after feeling embarrassment when he experienced frequent and unwanted erections.

Many men will probably recall that awkward period during their adolescent years when their hormones went crazy and they would be afflicted with “random wood”, as we called it at my school. A good friend of mine suffered through an especially embarrassing ninth grade when, every day at almost exactly the same time, he’d find himself saluting for no apparent reason,  completely void of any form of stimulation. At a time when young men start to notice girls and become self-conscious, being caught pitching a trouser tent through no fault of your own is undeniably embarrassing, which perhaps goes some way to explaining how this young man was feeling before making the grim decision.

But taking a knife to one’s private parts isn’t something that most people would even dream of doing, leading us to wonder whether the youth was experiencing some other form of mental anguish or in need of professional help…

The teenager is reported to have dropped out of school during his second year of junior high, and, having since given up on a private studies, had spent the best part of a year confined to his family home with very little to do.

“He’s a very bright boy, and often helps out around the house without making a fuss, but he finds it difficult to socialize,” the boy’s mother commented. “We don’t even have a computer at home, so he has little to keep him occupied.”

Thankfully, the reconnective surgery is reported to have been a success, with doctors stating that they have confidence that, given time, the boy will be able to lead a normal, sexually active life in the future.

You can uncross your legs now, guys…

Source: Heaven

Title image courtesy of The Cook’s Thesaurus Inset image: Flickr