It is often said that people who live in big cities are desensitized to all that goes on around them. A man is sprawled out on the sidewalk and people just step around him.  A woman cries out for help and no one takes it seriously.

And then there’s the case of a bus that suddenly exploded during rush hour in the city of Hangzhou in China on 6 November. Surely this bus, completely engulfed in flames and churning out black smoke right in the middle of a busy street, would generate panic among the citizens… right?

At around quarter past five the bus was heading down a street in Gongshu District when, according to the driver, a foul burning odor could be detected.  When he reached the next stop the driver got off to investigate.

Seeing clouds of smoke coming from the front of the bus he immediately had all the passengers evacuated.  Right after that, this happened.

There are a few things to note from this video.  Despite the hellish blaze taking place the traffic didn’t miss a beat and continued to run smoothly. I have to hand it to the people of Hangzhou – they do not rubberneck.

Secondly check out the crowd watching the fire.

Standing there hands in pockets, they look less worked up than a crowd at a Yanni concert for something that could conceivably be a terrorist attack.

Firefighters were on the scene in 10 minutes and completely extinguished the blaze in 13 minutes.  They towed the bus back to the fire station in case it reignited.  The exact cause of the blaze wasn’t reported, but the real mystery is what the hell happened in Hangzhou?

Some serious s**t must have gone down before for something like this draw only slight reactions like “whoa” from the people.  Even as the bus continued to explode with booming sounds and send sparks scattering, the man in front of the camera just covers his ears and walks away looking a little annoyed by the whole thing.

The driver and passengers all escaped the incident unharmed, but intense psychiatric treatment may be required to help get everyone else more in touch with their emotions.

Source: Yahoo via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Above Images & Video: Youtube chinarealtime
Below Images: Weibo

This guy seems to be running somewhere, or he could just be out for a jog.