With limited area for people to live, Japanese citizens have to be very careful about how they dispose of trash.  There certainly isn’t enough space for massive landfills, so everyone is required to get rid of their garbage in a special way.  The method varies by city, but at the very least, garbage is sorted between burnable and unburnable trash, plastic bottles, cans, and glass.  In some areas, there are 14 different categories of trash that must be taken out on a designated day.

Because of all the complex rules, many people are in search of an easy way to remember when to take out the trash.  Well fellas, you’re in luck.

There’s an app for that…a scantily clad, sexually suggestive app. 

“Good morning, big brother!  Today is burnable trash day, don’t forget to take it out!” chirps your cute “little sister” in this newly released free Android app.

Listed under the clever title “Moeru Gomi,” moeru meaning both “burnable” (as in burnable trash) as well as “to have a crush,” this convenient app reminds users when it’s time to take out the trash.  Users are free to program their neighborhood’s trash schedule, including type of garbage and day of the week into the app.  Your little sister, Haruka, will then greet you with a morning wake-up call on your phone, reminding you which trash to take out for the day.  The app comes with over 100 different phrases by voice actress, Momiji Yamamoto, and runs on Android 2.2 or later.


By activating the designated garbage day on the app, users start to accumulate points.  After three months of point accumulation, users are rewarded with special features such as email function, new monthly phrases, and various games to play within the app.

With questionable phrases such as “Big brother, your voice…I like it,” this app goes way beyond simply being a convenient trash day reminder and tiptoes into the realm of an incestuous digital relationship.  Oh Haruka!

Source: ITmedia