Well Japan, you had a good run.

For decades your people have boasted the longest life expectancy in the world, but it looks like American fast food chain Burger King won’t rest until you start dropping a few ranks with some good ‘ol American heart attacks. We saw it first with the “15 strips of bacon for a buck” deal earlier this year—and you know how that ended.

Now Burger King is pulling out the stops with their boldest health-destroying promotion yet: an all-you-can-ear hamburger buffet.

This is not the first time Burger King has done a burger buffet in Japan, but they’re upping the ante this time around in celebration of the restaurant’s fifth year in the country.

The promotion will be held in two parts. From November 17 to November 21, any customer who orders and finishes a large Kuro Burger value meal between 2pm and 11pm will be granted 30 minutes to gorge themselves on as many Whoppers, french fries, onion rings and medium cokes as they like at no extra charge.

From November 22 to November 30, the buffet will be open to customers who purchase any one of four large Whopper value meals available at Burger King Japan.

Once your finish your value meal, just bring the burger wrapping paper, empty cup, paper bag and receipt up to the register and you’ll be given a special card that designates you’re in buffet mode. To place additional orders, all you need to do is bring the card and original receipt back to the counter.

Be warned, however, that the buffet timer begins the moment you purchase your value meal—that is to say, you have exactly 30 minutes from the time printed on your original receipt.

It should also be noted that staff will be on the look out for foul play, and if you’re caught smuggling whoppers in your backpack, passing out fries to your friends, or even throwing away leftover food, you’ll be asked to pay for everything you ate during the buffet.

We know 30 minutes may not seem like a lot, but think of it as an exciting challenge instead of a restriction. We know which contestant we’ll be sending to pick up the gauntlet when the promotion launches next week…

Source: Burger King Japan via Narinari