I’m sure we all have politicians whom we’re not especially fond of, and, while most of us would never go as far as taking a leak against one of their campaign posters, the thought of making our feelings known through… unusual… means might have occurred to us on more than one occasion. My own dear uncle, for instance, was once temporarily barred from entering the US after writing a particularly heartfelt letter to former president George W. Bush during his tenure. But that’s another story…

On Sunday this week, a 40-year-old man in Osaka decided that his strong dislike of politician Kei Yamamoto needed to be expressed physically, and, spotting the politician’s face on a poster down a quiet countryside road, decided to let rip with a golden shower of contempt.

Unfortunately for him, who should be cruising by at that exact moment but the politician himself…

Spotting the alternative activist mid-flow, Yamamoto approached the man and asked him politely to stop.

The man simply replied “Can’t you see I’m peeing, here?” and continued to empty his bladder until he put two and two together and noticed the similarity between the face on the pee-soaked poster and that of the pissed off (sorry) politician standing behind him.

▼The scene of the crime

Small though it is, the above photo shows Kei Yamamoto’s green political poster just to the left of the centre of the image.

Yamamoto immediately contacted the police who came and arrested the man, who is reported to have begged Yamamoto not to tell anyone and who later returned with a bucket and detergent in the hope of removing any evidence of his crime.

Kei Yamamoto’s official Twitter feed, complete with Japanese political favourite “Let’s do this!” clenched-fist-pose photo

The politician shot to internet stardom immediately after the man’s arrest when he tweeted about the incident, saying “I have just returned from the police station where the police are investigating a civil servant who was caught urinating against my campaign poster.”

Oh dear. It turns out that the perpetrator was, in fact, a member of staff at Osaka city hall, which perhaps explains why he was so desperate to cover up the event and begged Yamamoto to keep it between them.

The city hall employee is quoted as saying that he had been “caught short” while out and about, and that “it’s possible that some urine had found its way onto the poster” as he relieved himself. This would be far more believable had the same man not been “caught spitting on campaign posters” in the past, according to Yamamoto.

But before we write the politician off as just another stiff in a suit, he admits that, “had it not been my poster, I probably would have laughed, too…” on his Twitter feed.

Just to show what kind of man he is, here’s Yamamoto himself doing a marvellous impression of The Beatles’ famous Help! album art in a separate- hopefully dry- campaign poster…

Twitter users were understandably amused by the entire episode, with some saying that arrested man’s bad timing was nothing short of “hilarious” and that “shocked” doesn’t even begin to describe how he must have felt turning around to find the man featured in the poster staring at him.

Keep it in your pants, guys. You never know who’s watching…

Source: Matome Naver

Title image inset image: Ameblo Twitter: Kei Yamamoto