A Stargate has appeared in China and the Internet is abuzz with speculation over what will be the first object to emerge from the depths of its silvery ring.

Standing at 157 meters (115 feet) and weighing in at 3000 tons, this mother of all Stargates is large enough to accommodate even the wildest of imaginations.

The massive structure, named “Ring of Life,” is made of steel and glows at night thanks to 12,000 LED lights.  It’s intended use isn’t for rapid personal transportation, it’s just supposed to look cool.
Visitors can enter the ring via elevators and original plans called for bungee jumping from the center of the ring (those plans were unfortunately scrapped due to safety concerns).
▼The actual Ring of Life.
Ridiculously large and fairly useless, the “Ring of Life” Stargate is not immune to being made fun of by Chinese net users…
With a price tag of US $16 million, China better make something come out of that ring.
..it’s called the “Ring of Life” after all.
Source: Livedoor