Last week, Dominos Japan launched the “Amazing Coupon Festival”, a bizarre discount campaign offering 25%-off coupons to anyone who fulfills one or more of nine seemingly random conditions.

So what do you need to have to get the discount? Let’s just say its a good time to be a bearded second-year high school student with a parakeet.

The nine coupons follow below.

■    The Pigtails Dicount

25% off for anyone who has their hair in pigtails or anyone who has a plastic figurine with pigtails.

■    The Four Chinese Characters in Your Last Name Discount

25% off for anyone who can provide proof that their last name contains four Chinese characters. Most Japanese last names have only two and it’s said that only one in 5100 Japanese people have a last name with four characters.

■    The Facial Hair Discount

25% off for anyone who has a beard or mustache.

■    The Dorky T-shirt Discount

25% off for anyone who greets the delivery staff while wearing a dorky T-shirt on delivery.

■    The Second-Year High School Discount

25% off for second-year high school students. This is taking a jab at the currently popular Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai, for those of you who follow Japanese light novels or anime.

■    The “Trendy” Discount

25% off for anyone who greets the delivery staff while wearing 80s fashion, such as shoulder pads or a tight-fitting one-piece dress.

■    The Hometown Dialect Discount

25% off for anyone who tanks the delivery staff in the dialect of their hometown.

■    The Twin Discount

25% off for twins. Both twins must be present at the time of delivery.

■    The Parakeet Discount

25% off for anyone who greets the delivery staff with a parakeet.

■    Speical #1: The Seconds Discount

30% off for anyone who presents a receipt from a previous same-day order. Called the おか割り (oka-wari), for those of you who enjoy Japanese puns.

■    Special #2: The “All Of The Above” Discount

50% off for anyone who can fulfill all nine of the above conditions.

While we haven’t crunched any numbers, we’re fairly certain that 99.9% of Japan’s population is out at “twin” + “last name with four Chinese characters.”

This is actually the second year Domino’s Japan has held the Amazing Coupon Festival.

In 2011, customers could get 25% off if they: were wearing glasses, were single, had their hair in two braids, had the last name “Maeda”, were section chief (kacho) of their company, had a parakeet (again), were a second grade junior high school student, lived on the ground floor of an apartment complex, or said something kind to the delivery staff.

It looks like Domino’s made this year’s promotion a little more exclusive.

The Amazing Coupon Festival will run until December 9 and the coupons are valid at all Domino’s Pizza stores in Japan.

To claim your discount, you need to choose your coupon from the promotional site and send a message out via either Twitter or Facebook, which also nets you an extra 5% discount if you place your order online.

I personally don’t eat at Domino’s, but if they offered a Gaijin (foreigner) Discount or Let’s Speaking English Discount next year I think I’d have to give it a try.

Source: Naver Matome

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