All Niconico user Naota wanted to do was see some panties.

“No matter how many pictures I look at in books or on screens, I can’t get my feelings through…”, laments Naota as he flips through the pages  of a suggestive anime magazine.

Even after going so far as to project a dancing life size image of virtual idol Hatsune Miku onto a screen, Naota found that his desire for digital panties went unnoticed and his efforts unrewarded.

As Naota learned, reality is a harsh mistress. Sometimes things don’t go the way you’d like them to, and while you can kick and scream all you want, it won’t change anything.

But what if it did? What if, by screaming at the top of your lungs, you could blow reality’s skirt right up in the air, allowing you to gaze at her panties in triumph?

This is the possibility that inspired Naota to take matters into his own hands…

A video is worth a thousand words. Check out Naota’s solution to his problem below:

After Miku appears on the screen, Naota kneels down and attempts to flip up her skirt.

“Reality is too cruel! I hate this world!” he exclaims at 1:04. “This doesn’t make any sense!!!” (1:07)

Finally, at around 1:12, Naota is unable to burden the pain any longer. A loneliness that can only be assuaged by panties fills his being until he can’t help but scream in agony. (1:15)

And then…

At this point you may be wondering what on earth you just watched.

While it may have looked like the force of Naota’s scream caused Miku’s skirt to rise up, it was actually the work of a Vocaloid system developed by Naota called SYNCHLOiD.

SYNCHLOiD allows the performer to control a Vocaloid singer, such as Hatsune Miku, via the beat and tempo of a drum. A rhythmic drumming causes Miku to begin singing, and raising the tempo causes her to sing faster.

This latest video showcases Naota’s newest tweak to the SYNCHLOiD system, which allows the user to control the image on the screen by shouting. In the video above, he refers to it as “Pantyloid.” You can probably guess why.

If you fast forward to 2:50, however, you can see Naota has thought of another practical use for the program:

Just like the man who created a computer program that lets you squeeze breast milk from anything, or the researcher who invented an interactive robotic butt, “Pantyloid” goes to show why Japanese technological innovation isn’t always in humanity’s best interest.

Source: Kotaku Japan