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 This Week’s Best: Top 5 Most Popular Articles from Nov 11 – Nov 17

1. What if Totoro were Real? US Artist Brings Studio Ghibli Characters to Life in Shocking Detail

Coming in at number one is a collection of images that suggest what Studio Ghibli movies would look like if they dropped the pen and paper for cameras and actors.

A lot of you expressed the opinion that the images are “cool” and “funny”. I found most of them absolutely terrifying. Except Porco Rosso. That pig is basass no matter what dimensional space you paint him in.

2. Korean Feces Wine is a Real Thing and We’ve Got Two Bottles of it, Contains Cat Bones as Well

After months of searching, our Japanese staff were finally able to track down the elusive Korean feces wine, Tsongsul.

When I went into our Tokyo office last week, I was expecting the place to reek of poo, but believe it or not, the wine is completely odorless. While I didn’t have the guts to take a sip myself, my coworkers had their own little tasting party, which you can read about here.

Problem is, we’ve still got nearly a liter of the stuff left over. Anyone in Tokyo want to stop over for a drink?

3. Japan Develops Single Passenger Silent Mini Electric Helicopters, Travels at 100km/h (62mph)

It may not be a jetpack, but I’ll take it. A Japanese company in Hiroshima is developing a personal, single-seat helicopter that should be on the market as early as 2021.

Okay, so 9 years isn’t early at all, but it does give me plenty of time to save up the $375,000 it will cost to purchase one. And when the technology advances far enough to where every home can afford a personal helicopter, you can be sure of one thing: even in the air, the Japanese will be horrible drivers.

4. Japan Develops Fart-Deodorizing Underwear: Silent and NOT Deadly

Hiroshima University professor Hirko Ohge explains that there is hard science behind Inodore, his new brand of material that is said to trap and eliminate everyday body odors like sweat and gas, and we don’t doubt him for a second.

After all, with testimonials like:“Seeing it advertised on TV I thought I’d give it a try. I tried farting [in a pair of the underwear] as an experiment and I was truly shocked! The deodorant effect is outstanding!”, how could you?

5. These Japanese Disaster Shelters Look a lot Like Dragon Ball Space Pods

I remember rushing home from school to watch Dragon Ball Z on Toonami. It was 1999 and the Frieza Saga was in full swing and my buddy and I would wait week after week for some significant development in the story, only to be disappointed by another episode of filler and talking. What a great show.

Also, those Japanese disaster shelters totally look like Dragon Ball space pods.

▼ Honorable Mentions!

China in Grip of Crime Wave Perpetrated by Little Girls, Luckily They’re All Terrible at Avoiding Security Cameras

Chinese parents want free stuff (because what colored person doesn’t, right Mitt?) and they’re training their children to take it for them.

Online Survey Asks, “When Do You Feel Japanese?”

An interesting article that looks at what it is that makes Japanese people feel Japanese.

Male-to-Female Cosplayers and Japan’s Cross-Dressing Double Standard

In Japan, female-to-male cosplay is okay, but male-to-female cosplay is unacceptable. A look at the pictures in this article and you’ll understand why that is a damn shame.