We all know those high pressure air pumps that can be found at gas stations or in factories, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to stick that hose in your rear and let her rip?

Me neither.

Nevertheless, for those with a morbid curiosity, a factory worker in China was cleaning his pants with an industrial strength air pump when a slip of the wrist sent highly pressurized air rushing up his rump.  Amazingly, the 26 year-old survived to give a detailed account of his ordeal.

We’ll go with the unnamed worker’s story of “accidentally” inserting the air into his butt while cleaning his pants. After all, using these devices to clean is not uncommon – nor recommended as we will see.

The man afterwards said that when the hose came in contact with his buttocks he didn’t “feel anything special”, but afterwards began to experience an intense pain in his abdomen.  It would seem that the air had shot into his colon, bursting it and causing his entire abdominal cavity to swell and put pressure on his remaining organs.

Coworkers at the unnamed but reportedly major company transported the man to Sun Yat-sen University Sixth Hospital where he received a CT scan. The scan revealed that a massive amount of air was inside him and his condition was deemed “urgent.”

He was immediately sent into the operating theatre at midnight.  When the doctor made the first incision a pop was heard (this is not a joke) as the air rushed out.  After that, it was a matter of cleaning out the bile that entered his body from his burst colon and posed risk of serious infection.

When he was all cleaned up the surgeons stitched his colon back together and called it a day – six hours later.  The man spent four days in ICU and, though he can now eat and drink again, he currently remains in hospital under observation.

When interviewed, the doctors said that the man was extremely lucky. Even the slightest bit more air entering his anus would have damaged his diaphragm and other organs, putting his life in further jeopardy.

More surprisingly, this is not the first such case the hospital had dealt with before. A mechanic once had air injected up his backside from a tire pump while he was… testing the pump… yeah… that’s it…

Source: NicoNico News (Japanese)
Image: Peter Southwood Wikipedia