Netizens in China have been going wild for the most sensational model to ever hit the scene, 72 year-old Ping Liu Qian.  Since his breakout in the fashion industry his slender frame has held a wide range of women’s clothing styles with a grace and elegance rarely seen in the profession.

Liu Qian’s granddaughter is the proprietor of an online shop for women’s clothing.  One day while helping her carry some stock he spontaneously started trying on dresses.

Well, everyone around thought he was just faaAaabulous, and he thought it was kind of fun too.  So when it came time to model some new fashions on her website, rather than going with the traditional female ones, she put her granddad into the studio.

Originally she thought it would be a kitschy, cute way to set her site apart from others, but little did she know that Liu Qian’s looks would send him viral across China’s internet. Her top page is now adorned with him kicking it Gangnam style (see below).

According to reports, her business has gone up fivefold and traffic to her website skyrocketed 100 times.  As a result, Milan, Paris, and New York have all been scouring the assisted care facilities for fresh new talent.

Source: Yuekou (Chinese) via Xinhua (Japanese)

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