Nearly a year after launch, Sony’s PlayStation Vita, is struggling to take off even in its home market of Japan.

Last week was particularly embarrassing for Sony after it was revealed the Nintendo 3DS had sold nearly 47 times as many units as the Vita. Even the PlayStation Portable, the Vita’s technologically-inferior predecessor that’s been out for eight years in Japan, sold more units.

Some blame the lack of blockbuster game releases, others say the handheld is too expensive; but we think the real problem is that no developer has yet to unlock the full potential of the PlayStation Vita’s front and rear touch surfaces.

Well step over Animal Crossing, because here comes a title that is sure to herald the rise of Sony: Monster Monpiece, a game where you power up sexy young female heroes by rubbing, stroking and pumping your PS Vita.

The game, which also goes by the full title Genkai Totsuki Monster Monpiece, is a monster card battle game. And, of course, by monster we mean young girls with horns, tails and other monster-like physical features.

After choosing a monster for battle, you’ll need to increase their “Rub Points”. Using the PS Vita’s front multi-touch screen and rear touch pad, you can rub your fingers up and down your monster girl until you find her “weak point.”

Rubbing her weak point will send magic through her body, causing her to reach a more excited state. Poking her weak point will cause her to let out a lusty moan. We are not making this up. It is all in the official site.

Once your monster reaches a climactic state known as “extreme rub,” a layer of her clothing will disappear and the card will power up.

You see, the clothes act as a seal on the monster’s power and by stripping them off you unlock her… wait, why are we trying to legitimize this?

Source: Monster Monpiece