Let’s face it. We have all complained about fast food chains at least once in our lives – whether it’s about the lack of menus, not serving you the cheeseburger you want, or a burger made too spicy. And the most common complaint out there has got to be “fast food not fast enough!”

Due to the low pay at fast food restaurants, it is not unusual to have a shortage of workers behind the counters and long queues of customers waiting to be served. When that happens, most of us would just mumble a few words of dissatisfaction to ourselves.

But when six out of seven counters are closed, and you are made to queue for 15 minutes without any proper explanations, even the most patient man can start to lose his temper.

An internet user in China shared an incident of “fast food too slow” that he had witnessed at a KFC store located in Guizhou, China earlier this month.

It was lunch time and yet only one counter was serving the packed restaurant. A man, who was made to queue for 15 minutes before finally getting his food, erupted in anger and demanded explanations for the slow service. None of the staff could give the man a valid reason and so, in frustration, the man bought 42 cones of ice-cream and threw them on the counter top.

This is a very interesting way of complaining and the man’s actions did lead the restaurant to opening up more serving counters, as seen in the pictures below.

But is it just me, or is he looking very happy munching on his ice-cream and smiling for the camera after creating a mess and possibly causing other customers behind him to wait a even longer time?