There’s fast food and then there’s fast food.

According to the website for one particular branch of McDonald’s in Aichi prefecture, Japan, those wanting to pick up a morning bite will need to be up before the sun, not to mention be quick to place their order.

Despite being listed as open all year round and serving food for the best part of the day, the Komaki branch of McDonald’s is, apparently, only serving breakfast between 4:59 and 5:00 a.m….

This website blunder has since been rectified and  “open ~ 10:30” is now listed as the time during which hungry locals can buy a McBreakfast. But rest assured Japan’s that internet masses had already spotted the mistake and were quick to comment!

“Man, those Komaki guys start their day early…”

“Now that is some clever marketing! If they only sell it for one minute a day, it’s got to be good!”

“60 seconds to line up and place your order? That would be one lucky breakfast!!!”

“‘Good morning! May I take your order?’ ‘Yes, I will have… umm…’ ‘Thank you for coming, sir. Please come again!'”

“Totally worth the five hour wait for doors to re-open!”

“And as soon as you’ve bought your food you’re kicked out for two hours until they open again!”

But not everyone was quite so ready to chuckle at the simple error. The troubled fast food chain has barely been out of the media since it recently launched cost and time-saving initiatives that were not to everyone’s taste, and many internet users were quick to poke fun at Ronald and friends, labelling the restaurant “McStingy” and suggesting that the one minute window to order is the chain’s new replacement for the 100 yen menu…

Oh, you big bullies. Give a creepy clown and his deep fat fryer a chance!

Source: ハムスター速報 Images: McDonald’s Japan