It’s that time of the year again where many of us in Japan, where central heating never really took off, are operating a mouse in a very cold room. Heating takes place with space heaters, using kerosene or gas, or sometimes electric run heaters to warm one room at a time.  If your computer is on the other side of the room from the heater, using a mouse and keyboard can become very unpleasant if you live in one of the colder parts of the country.

Well, now there is an answer to save you from your mouse hand freezing off: a hand futon!

Japan needs ways to keep warm while sitting in locally-heated rooms while working at the computer.  Online retailer Sirobako sells a variety of USB-enabled heating goods, such as slippers that you connect to your computer to warm your feet, USB eye masks for warming the eyes, USB tube top stomach warmers, and even a USB heated drink holder.

Now they took the age-old bedding of Japan, the futon, and came up with this nifty USB Heated Futon Mouse Pad so that your mouse hand never has to be cold again!  It comes complete with a pillow and, just as its name suggests, you put your mouse hand under the futon, which covers a heated mouse pad.  You don’t have to worry about the futon slipping off because it is set in place with magic tape and the pillow is not only for decoration, but can be used as an arm rest by placing your wrist to rest upon it.

The USB warmed futon mouse pad costs 1950 yen, about $24.40 US, and can be purchased here.

The futon is one of simple design, something reminiscent of futons found in ryokan, or traditional Japanese Inns, a part of childhood memories from years gone by.

It is about the size of a 12 inch notebook PC and about an inch thick.

When using the futon mouse pad, be sure you wipe the desk top you will be using clean so it doesn’t get dirty.

Now you are ready to slip your hand into the futon.  The spring of the pillow underneath the wrist and the feel of the futon on the back of the hand will make your hand feel warm and cozy. You may even start to feel sleepy; after all, it is a futon…

Heated mouse pad

Sirobako recommends using it with a small wireless mouse for the least amount of pressure on your hand and for smooth mouse operation.

If you get too sleepy, you can always take a nap by closing your computer and laying your head down with your hand all toasty warm resting on your mouse!

Source:  Excite Bit News