After the entame (entertainment) section of Japan’s Yahoo! Auction opened, the innovative “heavy-metal idols” Alice Juban almost immediately put themselves under the hammer for a live performance to an audience of one winning bidder.

It looks like other idol groups are following suit and making use of the online auction site as a way to promote themselves.  As a result, the entame section is beginning to look more like Craig’s List since you can now rent a member of five-piece girl group BiS (Brand-new idol Society) to clean your home for 3 hours.

Until 25 November, you can bid to rent your choice of one of the five member group as a housekeeper for three hours.  Here’s the some of the details listed on Yahoo! Auctions.

[Member name] of BiS will visit your home and for 3 hours will do whatever cooking, cleaning, or laundry you want!
The date and time will be consulted with the final bidder.
BiS will happily vigorously clean your home!
BiS will happily cook a relaxing dinner!
BiS will happily fold your fresh fluffy laundry!

The bidding for each member has started from 1 yen (US$0.01) on 19 November.  As of this writing the prices have risen to a range of 101,000 yen (US$1,230) to 402,000 yen (US$4,900).  Although, in a sad kind of way, it seems each member’s “value” is being judged.

Now, before some of you pervy types out there get the wrong idea of having a pop idol come to your home and polish your knobsdon’t forget the fine print:

*BiS members are not liable for the quality of cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.
*Of course, nothing sexual
*BiS members will be accompanyed by staff
*Photos may be possible
*Special Requests (such as violating the law) cannot be done
*Travel expenses will be paid by the bidder (negotiable)

So Pierre in France better think twice before hiring Yuffi to drywall his basement wearing a G-string.  Personally those prices are a little steep, but I’ve been meaning to clean behind the fridge and some of those girls look like they have tiny hands.

Compared to other idols, these girls do sort of look like they can actually cook and clean pretty well.  But for heavy labor you’d probably get more bang for your buck buying this guy – of course, nothing sexual.

Source: Yahoo! Auctions via Natalie (Japanese)
Official Site: BiS

▼  This video should give you a sense of BiS cleaning skills.

▼  And here’s a single from their latest album Idol is Dead.


Each Member’s Auction Pages

 Pour Lui (223,000円/$2,722)

Wacky (151,000円/$1,843)

 Nozoshan (104,000円/$1,269)

 Yuffi (402,000円/$4,907)

Michel (101,000円/$1,233)