Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media is about to add a new twist to a classical performance.  At the beginning of December they are set to hold probably the first ever Vocaloid opera, titled THE END.

The opera is supported by a strong production team but was recently announced to have gotten some brand name backing from the fashion industry.  Fashion world titan Marc Jacobs and a team from Louis Vuitton are lending their talents to costume the lead Hatsune Miku.

The music for the performance is crafted by founder of ATAK music and acclaimed artist/ electronic musician Keiichiro Shibuya and accompanied by the vocal stylings of everyone’s favorite virtual songstress Hatsune Miku.

The story was written by Toshiki Okada, a novelist and playwright.  Okada founded the chelfitsch theater company, which has traveled the world performing.  The set design is by award winning graphic artist YKBX (Masaki Yokobe).

These three artists, although outstanding in their fields, seem to be a fry cry from the sometimes stuffy and rigidly traditional art of opera, but the result should be something to see.

If that weren’t enough, Hatusne Miku will not be decked out in her typical grey and blue suit.  For this show only, she will be suited in outfits from Louis Vuitton’s 2013 Spring/Summer collection designed specifically with Miku in mind.

Marc Jacobs and crew have taken their signature Damier checkerboard pattern and exaggerated it with starker contrasts and sizes to give it a more pixelated feel. Even their iconic Speedy bag is squared out for Hatsune. It must have been a challenge for Jacobs as the vocaloid is rather chunky compared to your average runway model.

THE END was originally scheduled for two shows on the first and second of December but as all shows were sold out two additional performances were scheduled on the second and third of December.  Those performances also quickly sold out.

Those lucky ticket holders should be in for quite a show.  I would wish the new diva to break a leg, but she doesn’t really have any.

Source: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media via Natalie (Japanese)
Images: YCAM, YKBX

Vuitton Miku


Compared to Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer collection show.

Here is YKBX’s Prelude to THE END