You know those claw or crane games that are usually found in the corner of a bowling alley or Chuckie Cheese’s? In Japan, they’re widely known as UFO catchers and are a huge industry. In most places you can find entire rooms packed with them offering prizes ranging from key chains to iPads.

A video put up on YouTube revealed the ultimate claw game found in Russia.  In this game, the prizes fight back.


In the center of the prize bin among the stuffed bunnies and bananas lies a full grown cat cleaning itself.

The cat’s relaxed demeanor highlights the true nature of claw games as well.  They basically operate like slot machines where the claw only grips strongly after a certain number of tries.  Notice how the cat barely responds to the plastic claw coming down on it, occasionally on its head.

It is rumored that the one who can successfully grab the tabby is the destined successor to President Putin.

Source: Hachima Kiko (Japanese)
Video: YouTube tinchovm85