Japan currently stands among the oldest populations on the planet with around one quarter of its people over the age of 65. The effect this has on trends in media, fashion, and even love hotels can be seen everywhere in the country.

Even the porn industry is experiencing an unprecedented shift in demographics and taste. Currently fans of adult videos in Japan are clamoring for one thing only – more MILF porn.

Japanese website News Post Seven interviewed an adult industry insider about this forty-something revolution.

“It used to be that only specialty studios put out “mature” films, but now every production company makes them. You only needed 500 copies sold to turn a profit, but now we’re seeing megahits of 5000 copies sold.”

This is having an effect on older actresses’ salaries as well.  The AV producer mentions that a MILF actress could take home 40% of the video sales with more substantial bonuses for big sellers.

This is bad news for the younger adult video stars, who are losing more and more roles to their older colleagues, housewives and divorcees between the ages of 40 – 50. As a result women are having to tack on years to their real ages.

“It’s completely backwards from before. [laughs] Now young girls are the ones stubbornly refusing to give their real ages.  Sometimes a 25 year-old tries to convince us she’s 40.

The most famous case of this was Mariko Kawana (pictured above) debuted in adult videos with 34 Year-Old Mother Mariko when she was only 31.  The small age bump of 3 years was only a prelude of things to come back in 1999.

Although it’s nice to older women being appreciated for their beauty, I can’t help but feel for the younger porn stars who are losing work.  As such I will be establishing a charity to gather all of these young, desperate adult actresses and give them a place to stay together… maybe shower together… What were we talking about?

Source: News Post Seven (Japanese)
Image: Amazon