Few things are more physically taxing on a woman’s body than the 9-month gauntlet of pregnancy and childbirth, which is why it’s amazing 23-year-old Hong Kong model Mia Chan has gone through it twice already.

Mia gave birth to her first child at early age of 16. She initially considered aborting the child, but decided to go through with the pregnancy after receiving the support of her family.

Here’s what she looked like at 17, after having her first child:

Mai married the father after childbirth and worked at her mother’s boutique in Hong Kong. She divorced after having her second child and is now working as model in Hong Kong— and yes guys, she is single.

Per usual, we’ve assembled a collection of photos from around the net of Mia for your viewing pleasure. You can also follow er on Facebook here.


Source: Po-kaki-to, Record China

▼ From a “Hair Washing Party” shampoo product promotion held May 2012

▼ Mia with her ex-husband and two daughters in 2010