Want to share your plastic Gundam model collection with your friends but too embarrassed to upload it to Facebook?

On November 29, Japanese internet company SoftBank and subsidiary Yahoo! Japan launched WONDER!, a social network where otaku can upload photos of their PVC figures, plastic models, cosplay, and original illustrations.

The website is the first project born from SoftBank InnoVenture, an initiative started by SoftBank in 2011 which provides employees of all SoftBank Group companies the opportunity to apply to have their idea funded on the company dime.

In its first year, about 1,200 ideas were sent in, 10 of which were selected to make into businesses. WONDER! is the first of these ideas to see the light of day.

The site is very simple in design and appears similar to Tokyo Otaku Mode, an English-language social network focused on otaku culture.

You can create an account by registering you e-mail address, Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo! Japan ID. After completing the registration, you are free to upload your own works or follow other users’ collections.

Currently there are five categories on the site: figuresplastic modelscosplayillustration, and other. You can also browse by latest arrivals and most popular.

The site is already compatible with smartphone web browsers and iPhone app is in the works, as is the option to let users contribute video.

We’ve picked out a few interesting images from the site and posted them below, but be sure to create your own account on the site if you want to participate in this online show-and-tell for nerds yourself.

Source: goo News, WONDER!

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