Windows8 Pain PC

First, there was “itasha,” or “pain mobile,” a car so nerdy it hurt.  Then there was a “painful” helicopter created by the Japan Self Defense Forces that featured manga-influenced designs.

Now, there’s a transparent “itaPC,” or “pain PC,” featuring the official, Japan-exclusive Windows 8-themed “moe” mascots, Yuu and Ai Madobe.

This one-of-a-kind computer was created by one of the shameless otaku over at Ascii. The following is a recollection of his adventures creating a computer that’s so nerdy it hurts.


When I first saw the WindowsDSP characters, Yuu and Ai, I thought they were so cute that it would be a waste not to do anything with them.

Then it came to me.  I’ll make an itaPC!

But it couldn’t be a plain, old boring computer.  Where’s the fun in that?  With this in mind, I started with a transparent acrylic case, which would give me the option to affix stickers and other surprises on the inner parts of the computer.

Of course I had to be particular about the parts I used since they would all be seen.  I chose a larger heat sink with lots of room to put stickers on.  I also chose a case that can be viewed from the side and a hard disk drive that can be mounted with the top part facing out towards the side of the case.

Windows8 Pain PC 2

^I chose a ACC-ATX model case (price: around 10,000 yen (US $121).  I also used a SSD/HDD bracket and mounted the HDD so that the top part is on the side of the case, facing out.

I used matte-finished stickers.  Usually, itaPC’s are decorated with stickers on the outside, but this one is different.  Since the stickers were going to be placed on the inside of the computer, which gets quite hot, I decided to go with matte stickers that should hold up to the heat better.

The stickers on this itaPC are of the Windows8 DSP moe character featured on the installation CD.  For those who haven’t heard, the DSP version, short for Japanese Delivery Service Partner, of Windows8 is “a Japan-exclusive Windows 8 Pro 64bit launch bundle that comes in two different character versions: Yuu Madobe and Ai Madobe.”

This special Windows8 edition comes with special wallpaper and sounds featuring Yuu and Ai, as well as a Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse. An even more limited edition Akihabara version is available to those lucky enough to get their hands on it (or buy it off of Yahoo! Auction).

Windows8 Pain PC 3

^The Limited Edition Akihabara Windows8 DSP includes one extra moe picture and one extra character sound.  The Wedge Touch Mouse also features an illustration of Yuu and Ai Madobe.

 Windows8 Pain PC 4

^ When I tore of the factory stickers, it left behind some glue and paper, so I used a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol and then an eraser to cleanly remove the remnants of the sticker.

 Windows8 Pain PC 5

^Once I print out the stickers on matte paper, I still had to try and remove the factory stickers. After successfully removing them, I affixed my printed character stickers to the different computer parts and began to assemble my computer.

Windows8 Pain PC 6

^ When you set up your computer, you are free to change almost everything, from the account screen to the lock screen.

 Windows8 Pain PC 7

^ You can change many of the sounds too!

Well, there you have it!  A “painful PC” covered with the Madobe sisters.  After all of my hard work and perseverance, I was so satisfied with the end result that I involuntarily started to cry.

Windows8 Pain PC

Also, for those of you who are left wondering, “Which Madobe sister is Yuu and which one is Ai?” I obtained information from their secret profiles.  Take a look!

Windows8 Pain PC 8

Yuu Madobe (Voice: Asuka Nishi) [On the right]

Distant cousin of Nanami Madobe.  Ai Madobe’s younger twin sister.

Birthday: November 18, 1996

Age: 15 (High school first grader)

Height: 152cm (5 ft)

Personality: Yuu always wants to protect her sister, Ai.  She loves digital gadgets and is serious when it comes to her hobbies.  She’s a master of using tablets and smartphones and also owns a Microsoft Slate. She’s a closet otaku.

Hobbies: Recently, she enjoys looking up information about digital gadgets.  She’s bad at playing sports.

Ai Madobe (Voice: Nao Tamura) [On the left]

Distant cousin of Nanami Madobe.  Yuu Madobe’s older twin sister.

Birthday: November 18, 1996

Age: 15 (High school first grader)

Height: 152 cm (5 ft)

Personality: Ai is more diplomatic and straightforward than her sister, Yuu.  She also loves brand new products and digital gadgets, just like her sister.  Ai also likes to follow the latest fashion and trends of her fellow classmates.

Hobbies:  Keeping up to date with the latest digital gadgets and following the latest fashion trends.  She’s bad at playing sports.

Source&Photo: Ascii