Most of us as some point or another have found a strand of hair in our food. Perhaps the more lucky of us have come across an insect or two. These are all understandable mishaps that are best forgiven and forgotten; we’re only human and a little fly in the soup never hurt anyone.

For a bit of perspective, imagine if you found a used condom mixed in with a bowl of rice you ordered at your school cafeteria, which is what actually happened to one unfortunate student at an unnamed university in Beijing.

Now that’s something to raise a fuss about; and the student did, confronting the kitchen staff with the slimy rubber topping. You’ll never guess how they responded…

“That’s just a sausage skin!”

Yes, we suppose you could call a condom that as innuendo, but that’s probably not what the kitchen staff meant.

The photo above was posted to a Chinese internet message board yesterday along with the following explanation:

“Today, I was in the cafeteria playing around with my phone while eating when I found this! But the cafeteria chef told me it was a sausage skin! What an idiot! There’s no way a university student wouldn’t understand the difference between a sausage and a condom!!!”

Well, let’s not be too quick to jump to conclusions. After all, this is the country that confused a sex toy for a legendary mushroom

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve found in your food? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: tt.mop, app111 (Chinese)
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