Japan’s 46th general election is a little over a week away, and if there’s one demographic that could care less, it’s the otaku. For the obsessive Japanese nerd, it doesn’t matter what political party wins the election, so long as they can buy the latest shiny toys and spend quality time with their 2-D lovers.

Still, while otaku may feel like the major political issues of this election, like energy policy and social security, are of no concern to them, their lifestyle isn’t completely unaffected by the decisions of the higher ups. For example, some worry that joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) would bring changes to copyright laws that could threaten the thriving doujin, or fan-made works featuring licensed characters, market. You hear that, otaku!? No more Final Fantasy porn!

That’s right; you can always count on porn to get otaku moving. That’s why PC Shop MK, a software shop in Sapporo, Hokkaido that specializes in new and used erotic games, is offering huge discounts for customers who vote in the December 16 election.


From December 16 to December 20, any customer who brings in proof of having voted in the election can receive up to 3,000 yen ($36) off new and used erotic games of their choice.

PC Shop MK has already confirmed with the voting center in Sapporo that voters can receive a slip of paper as proof of their visit, but asks customers outside of Sapporo to call their local voting centers in advance as not all districts may offer these. You can also call PC Shop MK before December 12 to have them check in for you.

We’re not sure how successful this strategy will be in changing the attitudes of politically apathetic otaku, especially given how far PC Shop MK is located from Tokyo and the otaku holy land of Akihabara. Hopefully we’ll see other erotic game shops mimic the promotion in future elections; maybe they could even create a nonprofit organization to incite otaku to become more political active. They could call, I don’t know…Cock the Vote.

Source: Twitter @PCShop_MK
Header Image: Dote Up a Cat