Saddam HusseinLeave it to Japan to turn the world’s most notorious dictators into sexy female anime characters. Fascists, commys, nationalists, socialists…the gang’s all here.

When I first heard about these dictators-turned-anime, I was a little shocked that someone “went there,” but after seeing the end result, I’m starting to think that scantily clad dictator girls with cleavage galore isn’t the worst idea.

The drawings are published by Ikarosu Publications and appear in the “MC☆Akushizu” Mook Series magazines. Ikarosu is known for turning anything related to the military into an erotic moe character.  They even turned an aircraft carrier into a pregnant woman.

The newest publication from Ikarosu, “Female Transformation: Biography of the World’s Dictators,” starts off with a picture of a very attractive Chairman Mao blazed across the front cover.  Flipping through the magazine, readers are treated to racy female versions of the most notorious individuals of the twentieth century. Let’s take a look:

Mao Zedong

^Mao Zedong.  Poofy shorts are a big improvement on the Mao suit.


^Looks like female Mussolini is even more popular with the ladies than real Mussolini

Omar al-Bashir

^Omar al-Bashir.  From 68 year old man to tight, young dictator.

Muammar Gaddafi^Muammar Gaddafi…any change to his real face would be an improvement.


^Adorable Hitler (Too bad the anime artist didn’t incorporate his signature mustache…now where would that go?)

Another interesting factoid: The reason the artist drew female Hitler as a quiet art student is because Hitler was said to actually want to become an artist before he…changed career paths.

 Saddam Hussein

^Saddam Hussein. Getting rid of the beard works wonders.

Pol Pot

^Pol Pot…still creepy as f*ck.  You can have boobs for miles, but if you kill off 21% of the Cambodian population, no one’s going to touch that with a ten foot pole.


^Sexy Stalin looks like she’d want to take a mustache ride with real Stalin.

Kim Il-Sung^Kim Il-Sung/Beauty pageant contestant

I don’t think I’m alone when saying the anime versions of these world dictators are much easier on the eyes.  Look at the real version of Muammar Gaddafi.  That’s a mug only a mother could love.  These real life dictators definitely weren’t getting by on their good looks, so what if they had the power and the looks…the “total package” if you will.  Maybe they would have gone even farther in their careers if they had long legs and a rack nice enough to make any man “stand at attention.”

Source: Esteru