Did you know that a nap during your work day is a good thing? A power nap does wonders for productivity!

But it’s not like you can just sleep on the job. Luckily for those of us in Tokyo, there are quite a few cafes you can go to where sleeping is OK—in fact, it’s encouraged!

Naver Matome has put together a list of these “Nap Cafes”, places in the metropolis where worn-out salarymen can go to catch a few Z’s without having to resort to such drastic measures as setting up a bunk on the file cabinets at work.


1. Mahika Mano – Hammock Cafe and Gallery (Kichijoji)

Mahika Mano is as a  hammock showroom where customers are also invited to lay down for a nap—though there is a time limit.

They also sell their own brand of special roasted coffee and herb teas,  and there is a cafe with a healthy food menu consisting of mostly vegetable dishes and sweets made from vegetables.

Address: Kichijoji Minami-cho 2-8-1 Sun Palace 1, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Hours: Saturday 12:00 ~22:00, Sunday 12:00 ~ 22:00


2. Qusca Sleeping Cafe (Akasaka)

Qusca is a sleeping cafe especially for women that just recently opened on December 6.

Here you will find sleeping areas with aroma therapy netted bedding where the busy ladies of Tokyo can spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours napping. They also have a cafe with the usual coffee shop fare of lunch and desserts, free Wi-Fi and a place to charge your electronics, and even a makeup room so you don’t have to worry about bed head. They also offer classes in aroma therapy at night.

The base price is 150 yen ($1.80) per minute, and there are also prepaid plans starting at 3120 yen ($38) for 4 hours.

Location: Asakusa 2-14-33, Sakaeya Shimizu Building 2nd Floor, Hama-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 11:00 ~ 19:00


3. foot & body care zzz (Harajuku & Omotesando)

Here you can enjoy a snooze from your busy day or have a professional massage—or both at the same time! They even allow sleeping in the massage chairs!

Location: Jingu Mae 4-31-11, Cosmo Harajuku Building 3rd Floor, Shibuya -ku Tokyo
Hours 12:00 ~ 23:00


4. Asian Breeze (Setagaya, Meguro, Mihara, Yokohama, Tamachi, Odawara)

Asian Breeze is actually a day spa offering Thai massage, aroma oil massage, and a number of other services, but it also has a cafe with futons and recliner chairs where you can plop down for a post-massage nap.

Check their website for location and hours.

Ok, so maybe you don’t have the time or money to rent out a spot to sleep for half an hour. You can stick to catching a nap at work using the more traditional methods, like this:


▼ Or like this


Either way, happy sleeping!

Source: Matome
Header image: Bloomberg Buisnessweek Lifestyle, inset images: Mahikomano, Qusca, foot&body care