Many of you are probably familiar with Rule 34, an arbitrarily-numbered internet rule which states: if it exists, there is a porn of it.

We’d like to propose a Rule 24: “If it exists, someone in Japan has a fetish for it.

Because really, in just the past month we’ve seen serialized videos of Japanese girls diving into mud and manga about a boy with a gun for a penis.

And now we have Tonsure Market, a series of over 50 videos of Japanese women having their heads shaved bald.

That’s it.


At least the mud porn and gun penis have erotic undertones. However Tonsure Market is not only bizarre, but it’s not sexually suggestive in the least— though I guess you could say quite a bit of skin is revealed.

However, while Tonsure Market doesn’t explicitly state there is pornographic content, they do offer, for an additional fee, a “Premium” edition of most videos featuring 20-30 minutes of “special post-tonsure content.”

All videos can be purchased online at teihatsu.com, and most cost anywhere from 6000 to 20,000 yen, or $72 to $242 US. The most expensive video, titled “Tonsure Festival”, will put you at 33,000 yen ($400).


^A scene from “Tonsure Festival.” Triple the price, triple the action.

These outlandish prices might suggest that the few people who actually get off on these videos are willing to pay a high premium, and we doubt there will ever be enough competition to drive the price down unless Japanese salons start installing peep show booths.

Additionally, there are still new Tonsure Market videos coming out every few months, which means that there must be enough people buying them for the makers to turn a profit.

Tonsure, in case you were unaware, refers to the traditional Christian practice of shaving hair from the scalp of monks.


^These guys did it for free

Before you go accusing Tonsure Market of blasphemy, we’d like to point out that it’s not all maids and policemen. Some videos take their tonsure seriously, acknowledging the practice’s religious roots.

For example, the 37th video in the series is called “Jesus Miracle“.

t37pt37p_02t37p_06 t37p_09t37p_11

It looks like Jesus shaves another soul.

Source: Teihatsu

▼ A few more Tonsure Market films. Here’s “Cutie Doll”

t47pt47p_01 t47p_02 t47p_03 t47p_05 t47p_06

▼ “Precious Tear”. When tonsure gets emotional.

t24p t24p_02 t24p_03 t24p_04 t24p_05 t24p_06 t24p_07 t24p_08 t24p_09 t24p_11 t24p_12

▼ “Wiggle It”. She didn’t have must to start with, but she had a lot to lose.

t22k t22k_06 t22k_08 t22k_12