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Soft on Demand, the Japanese adult video producer and manufacturer of condoms, sex toys and cheeky underpants, has made the dreams of thousands of men come true this week by announcing that it is searching for men to sample “soap land”, “health” and sex parlours across the country, with the money spent during each visit refunded in full.

The catch? Visitors to these red light establishments must write a full, detailed review of their experience that will become part of Soft on Demand’s sex industry survey, which aims to stamp out shady (well, shadier) venues and provide men looking for a place to get their rocks off with a detailed database to study before heading out for some fun. A Trip Advisor of hanky panky, if you will.

After the company made the announcement via its official Twitter feed, many wondered whether Soft on Demand were merely playing a prank on us easily excitable men. A quick trip to the company’s official website, however, reveals that they’re deadly serious.

Ooh. La. La.

The Japanese sex industry is one of the world’s largest, with pretty much any fetish that the human mind can envisage catered for. Groping women dressed as schoolgirls in a room designed to look like the inside of a train? No problem. Having your face sat on by a woman twice your size? Sure. Being bathed and massaged by a girl (literally by a girl- they clamber all over you and use their entire body) slathered with green gel? Come on; you’re not even trying to be creative!

Despite being rarely spoken of in polite society, sex is a booming industry here in Japan. Although sex in exchange for money is deemed illegal, the term “prostitution” itself applies only to actual, penetrative sex (known as honban koui, lit. “the real deed”), meaning that the exchange of money for any other sexual act is, technically, not a crime. Many establishments advertise themselves as “health” or “soapland” clubs, where men pay for massages, to be bathed, or simply for the company of the girls. Of course, behind closed doors, it’s an altogether different story.

“I want good customers to come and visit.”

soft on demand recruits

But with so many places to choose from, where does the horny male with cash to burn get his kicks? With some establishments owned by, shall we say less savoury characters, it’s highly unlikely that a dissatisfied customer is about to kick up a fuss and demand their money back should they not get what they paid for or find that the girls look nothing like those in the photos or signs in front of the shop.

Soft on Demand’s mission is to sample as many of these sexy venues as possible, then compile all of the data in one location. Spending 1.2 million US dollars on this somewhat alternative research, the company aims to “reduce the number of low quality locations and push the industry to provide better service.”

You have to admire its frankness. After all, if you’re going to throw caution to the wind and pay for a little grown-up playtime, you might as well do it somewhere that takes it seriously and won’t rip you off…

So who can apply? Soft on Demand is currently looking for males who are:

– Japanese nationals and are at least 20 years old.

– extremely liberal and with an open attitude towards sex

– able to write well and have good analytical skills

– are free to visit one establishment per week

Written reviews must be “heartfelt” and sincere, and be a minimum of 1,500 Japanese characters, which is the equivalent of around two pages of text in English using an average sized font. So there’s plenty of homework, but you get to have fun researching it. No word yet as to whether it’s OK to make notes or fire up a laptop during your visit, and we’re guessing that live-blogging your time with the ladies is not permitted…

As well as providing men with a free pass to enjoy the sights, sounds and sensations of the sex shops, the company will foot the bill for hotel accommodation (excluding use of the minibar and room service) in the case of researching “delivery health” (call girl) services, but insists that its fuzoku sex industry researchers remain professional, practice good physical hygiene and pay close attention to things like their nasal hair, fingernails and breath in particular. Last but not least, the site states that its researchers are not permitted to have full intercourse during their visits. Because that, of course, would be “prostitution”…

The sexy survey and ranking website hopes to stamp out customer dissatisfaction

soft on demand quotes

But how did the average Japanese male respond to the call for sex samplers? With a surprising amount of restraint, actually!

OK, I genuinely want to do this.

If it weren’t necessary to have good writing skills and pen a review after the visit I’d be all over this…

I have applied 1 million times.

Wow. Such high standards of perversion!

The visit to the soapland I could manage. It’s the essay I’m worried about…

Well, Soft on Demand seems to be doing well these days!

With some of the weird videos, images and stories floating around the internet these days, something as harmless as a porno DVD manufacturer asking for help rating sex shops suddenly doesn’t seem like that big a deal…

Those of you who fit the bill and are interested in becoming fuzoku researchers should take a trip to Soft on Demand’s official recruitment page. Just be aware that the site is incredibly NSFW, and that listing any professional experience gathered during your visits to the red light district on your next job application might not be the best idea.

Source: 秒刊 Sunday Images: Soft On Demand