hahahaha oh, cat nuts

It’s a funny old world. One minute I’m covering breaking news about North Korea’s sudden long-range rocket launch, the next I’m eyes-deep in photos of feline genitalia. Never a dull day here at RocketNews24!

Nevertheless, thanks to this small collection of photos presented by Japanese netizens earlier this week, we now know that our furry little feline friends are owners of the smallest, cutest sets of nuts that there ever were. Admittedly, there are few, if any, pairs of love buds out there in the world that would ordinarily have us chuckling away in front of our computer screens or the female team members squealing “kawaiiii!” (“cuuute!”), but we’re positive that those of you brave enough to click the link below will soon agree that cats have genuinely adorable balls.

Wow. What a sentence that was.

Presenting, from the depths of the Internet:

Cat Nuts 2012

cat nuts!

▲ “Pardon me, but you seem to have some kind of protrusion here.”

hooray for even more cat nuts

▲We’re hoping that the little tablet beneath this cat’s legs was on the floor to begin with.

We think these are cat nuts


  More cat nuts!

▲”Yeah? Well you know what I think?”

help yourself

▲It must be great being a cat.

please stop looking at my balls▲”That is enough looking at my private parts for today. You go now.”

The world will never be the same again. Have a great day, guys!

Source: Vipsister