Mrs. Fluffy-Paws III (above) shocked the engineering world recently with her development of a new form of heat generating energy.  The device known as Sibli-Chair is a seat-like contraption that creates heat without the use of expensive electricity or dangerous fuels like gasoline.

“I was watching my brother Fluffy-Tummykins Esq. lying in front of the space heater the other day” explained Fluffy-Paws “and it dawned on me that his method only exposes 39.665% of his body to the warmth of the machine. Given that it generates an already wasteful 18,000 Btu, this is a woefully inefficient circumstance.”

Thinking there must be a better way to keep warm but limited in budget and opposable thumbs, Fluffy-Paws made use of the only resources in her vicinity.

When asked about his reinvention, Fluffy-Tummykins Sibli-Chair looked at us, licked his belly three times, caught sight of something in the corner of the room that wasn’t acually there, then returned to sleeping in front of the heater.


Source: Neko Memo (Japanese)