From Tamatoys, the company that brought us “The Smell of a Boy’s Anus” scented oil, comes “Striped Panties that Smell Like Little Sister” — just in time for Christmas!

Striped Panties that Smell Like Little Sister, hereinafter referred to as “Little Sister Panties”, is the latest in Tamatoys’ themed fragrance product lineup and became available for sale via their website (NSFW) on December 13.

The panties are actual size M panties that have been rubbed down with scented oil which, supposedly, smells like a “little sister”.

While unclear what base fragrances the master chemists at Tamatoys blended together to create the scent of prepubescent female crotch, we can only hope their methods are in line with child protection laws.

There are three varieties of Little Sister Panties available, each one with a different scent and color:

First up are the pink panties, which carry a “sweet aroma that brings to mind a bratty, yet affectionate little sister.”


Then we have the more mellow blue panties, which capture the “cute aroma of a nurturing little sister who always looks after her big brother”.


And finally, the lively green striped panties, one sniff of which will fill your nose with the “fresh aroma of an energetic little sister”.


Each pack contains one pair of panties and sells for 980 yen (US $12).

Online retailer Hot Powers gives a few suggestions for to get the most out of your Little Sister Panties: “You can put them on your head, you can wear them yourself, you can put them on something else; enjoy them however you wantwithin legal boundaries!”

Oh, the irony.

Source: Tamatoys