I imagine a lot of you can see what made this dusk photo of a parking lot in Nagoya a hit on the internet.  If not just take a minute and let it soak in, or if you’re impatient just read the whole article.

If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan you’d probably spot the dragon god Shen Long in that cloud.  If not, it’s still pretty hard to miss the spitting image of any dragon hovering above the city.

Contrary to other parts of the world, In East Asia the dragon is often a symbol of good fortune and vitality. That’s right, it’s good luck to see a giant flying lizard.

As 2012, a year full of strange stuff in the sky like blue streaks, guerrilla rainstorms, Yoshi volcanoes, super moons, giant laser beam lightning, UFOs, and perverts this dragon sighting is a nice closer for a happy new year.

Source: togetter via Himajin Sokuho (Japanese)