Smartphone Toilet“Welcome. I am honored to accept your waste” says the Japanese toilet to Homer Simpson as a rainbow springs from the bowl. Japan is full of toilets from the ingenious to the insane and the country has built up a reputation as the origin of some of the world’s most multi-functional commodes.

The newest toilet to come from Japan allows you to control your toilet while you tinkle using your smartphone.  And to top it all off, this futuristic toilet does a whole lot more than flush and “honorably accept your waste.”

The latest model of Inax brand, SATIS model toilets will be available in February of next year and is Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled using a smartphone. Just download the MySatis app and you’re ready to wirelessly raise and lower the toilet seat, flush, or even turn on the bidet using your phone.  In typical Japanese toilet fashion, the intensity of the flush or bidet spray can be controlled as well.

Smartphone Toilet2

▲ Toilet App interface.  Sorry, only in Japanese…for now?

Users can even check the water and electricity consumption of each flush and program their own personal settings using the toilet smartphone app, ensuring the perfect bathroom experience every time. You can also record your daily bowel movements with the app’s “Toilet Diary,” and provide your doctor with a detailed account of your dirty business.  If that wasn’t enough, Inax equipped this super toilet with built-in speakers, allowing you to stream music from your smartphone to your toilet.

For now, the Inax toilet app only works with Android, but an iOS version is in the works.

At around 380,000 yen (US $4,540), many can only dream of owning this Cadillac of toilets.  But with personal settings, a health diary, and music, there’s so much you can do for the price!

Plus, if the Inax toilet has a fairly decent wireless range, there’s sure to be a surge in toilet related pranks in the near future.


Source: Gizmodo