Tenga is a Japanese brand of stylish male sex toys made by a company of the same name. As sleek as Tenga products look, however, most people aren’t going to line their collection up on their bookshelf. Even if it’s common sense that practically everyone masturbates, it’s still embarrassing to have other people stumble upon evidence of your alone time.

And that’s the beauty of Tenga Express, a limited-time service where you can have a cute Japanese university girl hand-deliver a Tenaga masturbation aid. What better way to show someone you care than by sending a complete stranger to their home to implicitly say, “Hey, I know what you do at home, and I support that.”


Here’s how it works.

Sometime before December 20, head over to the Tenga Express website and place an order. The delivery costs 10,000 yen ($120), which may seem a little expensive, but it covers labor costs and they also include a Tenga Hole Warmer in the deal.

After completing your order, the staff will get in contact with you via e-mail to workout the details of the delivery. The hand-off must be made on December 20 and delivery is restricted to the Shibuya and Minato districts of Tokyo, so you might want to choose someone who lives, works, or has an important business meeting in the area.

It should also be noted that due to the nature of the service, Tenga Express sends all its couriers out accompanied by a “robust bodyguard”, which is sure make the experience all the more flattering for the recipient.

Source: Jinsoku

▼ Oh dear. Honey, that’s not Calpis…