How about that election, eh?  It sure was something to see the whole nation rise up as one, begrudgingly say “meh”, then write down the name of the perennial favorite (for no seemingly good reason), the LDP party.

However, cats, who are said to have heightened senses and an awareness of things humans cannot perceive, did seem not take the results lying down. This cat recently photographed seems to have sensed something rotten in the state of Japan – something about the LDP Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba.

The photograph was taken and uploaded to Twitter by user, fkatsura, where it quickly went viral.

Apparently while watching election coverage on TV the cat was set off when Shigeru Ishiba came up. It’s important to note that this cat is not typically prone to violent reactions as illustrated in its many other photographs like such.

Yet, somehow, introducing the likeness of Secretary-General Ishiba…

Makes a cute sleepy kitty…

Do this…

We’ve all seen cats interact with televisions from time to time.  They may stare or playfully swat at something on the screen.  But have you even seen a cat spin its head around so fast that it looks like that buggered up fresco of Jesus?

So what are our furry feline friends trying to tell us about this man and his politics? By the looks of this cat it must be important.  I’d go research it deeply to find out and report it but… you know… it’s politics. Bleh!

Source: Twitter fkatsura (Japanese)
Shigeru Ishiba Image: Wikipedia
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