vietnamese boxer with french sticks

All puns aside, we would never have guessed in a million years that this 15-year-old has nine years of professional boxing training under her belt.

Born in 1997, Tran Thi Kim Ngan is Vietnam’s most famous female boxer and recently shot to stardom when local media noticed her good looks. Despite still being in school, young Tran is already set to break both hearts and noses across the world, and, to quote our colleagues over at RocketNews24 Japan, is clearly hiding more than just a couple of boxing moves beneath that dress of hers.

With her dazzling white smile and feminine figure, “prizefighter” is definitely not the first word that springs to mind when we see pictures of Tran. What does spring to mind, and forgive us for being base here, is that with a rack that big surely boxing isn’t the most practical sport?

Thankfully, it’s not just us who noticed Tran’s assets — members of press from around the globe have reportedly been asking for the young boxer’s “three size” measurements, which she refuses to give (she is only 15, guys…), and are just as puzzled as us as to why she isn’t pursuing a career in modelling instead of pounding faces.

vietnamese boxer peace

It’s not all face breaking, though; student Tran still studies hard and adheres strictly to her grandmother’s advice that “for kids, studies must come first.”

When she’s not hitting the books or a pounding a punchbag, Vietnam’s prettiest pugilist can often be found doing lengths at the local pool, keeping supple in the yoga studio or hanging out with friends. Such a busy girl!

▼Taping up before a workout

vietnamese boxer taping up

▼Working on her triceps

vietnamese boxer working out

▼A perfectly normal afternoon in the park

vietnamese boxer

vietnamese boxer back in the park

vietnamese boxer 2

vietnamese boxer with french sticks

vietnamese boxer oh lala

vietnamese boxer looking back

▼Just hanging out with a pal who forgot to put on trousers

vietnamese boxer with friend

▼Lensless glasses. She’s a boxer; it’s just good sense…

vietnamese boxer glasses

▼We thought you had to be 18 to drive in Vietnam…

vietnamese boxer driving
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