Adolescence can be a difficult time for young men. In addition to all the awkward physical changes that occur, teen boys must also deal with a number of mental and emotional changes as they transition into adulthood—the most troubling of which for many teens is a new or heightened degree of sexual awareness.

Earlier this month, one 15-year-old Japanese middle school student, plagued by a sex drive so strong that it got in the way of his studies, decided to seek help by writing to the life advice column of a popular Japanese newspaper.

His plea was answered by 64-year-old sociologist and prominent Japanese feminist Chizuko Ueno, who shocked readers by telling the boy he should ask an older woman to let him have sex with her, even if it means getting down on his hands and knees and begging.

The column was printed in the December 8 issue of Asahi Shimbun and begins with the letter sent in by the troubled boy.

He writes:

My problem is that my sex drive is too strong and all I can think about is sex even though I need to be studying for high school entrance examinations.

If it were as simple as that, this would just be a personal issue, but in my case the sexual desire is so strong that I feel like I might attack one of my female classmates or some girl walking by. […].

I masturbate every day, but I want to have sex so bad it’s killing me. At this rate, I’m afraid that I’ll lose to my desires and impulsively assault a girl at night. I know doing this would make me a criminal, but I just can’t take care of this myself.

How can I control my sexual urges? Please help me.

It sounds like an erection in the middle of PE class is the least of this kid’s worries.

Here’s how Ueno replies (first half omitted):

The first thing I want you to realize is that dating the opposite sex can be a pain. Despite it being troublesome enough just being friends, getting to a relationship where they’ll take you pants off for you is even more troublesome. I also want you to remember that sex is how children are made.

But there is a way to experience sex with a partner while avoiding all that annoying stuff. The best way to learn about something is to be taught by someone who knows well themselves. I want you to try asking an experienced mature woman to let you have sex with her, even if it means getting down on your hands and knees and begging. Even if you are turned down, don’t give up. My friend who does this tells me he was told OK one out of ten times he asked.

We believe we speak for the vast majority of Asahai Shimbun readers when we say: Holy s**t.

And it doesn’t stop there! Ueno continues by mentioning the old Japanese custom “fude-oroshi”, literally “dipping your brush in”, where young Japanese men would have sex with an older, experienced woman simply as a sign of their adulthood.

Ueno then concludes with the night’s biggest jaw-dropper by lamenting, “If only I were younger…”, as if to suggest she would have unscrewed the cap to her own ink bottle for a fresh dip if it weren’t for her age.

Naturally, Ueno’s reply threw the Japanese internet and media into an uproar, with many people asserting such statements would be career-ending had they been made from a 64-year-old man to a middle school-aged girl.

However, we here at RocketNews24 think Ueno may have had different implications in mind when making her blunt suggestions.

To see what we mean, this is what Chizuko Ueno looks like as of 2011:


If only I were ten years younger fu fu fu :B

Just imagine being a 15-year-old boy and trying to get it up again after being confronted with that.

Well played Ms. Ueno. Well played indeed.

Source: Digital Asahi
Inset Image: Kinokuniya

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