Well it looks like the end of the world theory based on the prophecy of civilization that couldn’t predict its own demise turned out to be bunk. What better way to celebrate than with adorable videos of a 7-year-old Japanese girl dancing in public?

The tiny dancer in the video above goes by the name Ririri.

According to her profile on Japanese video sharing site Niconico, Ririri is a first-year elementary school student and likes the color light blue, the anime Smile Pretty Cure!, and busting sweet moves on video.

She has over 23,000 followers on Twitter and often appears in videos with other prominent Niconico dancers, such as Tadanon, who is seen performing to the Hatsune Miku song “First Kiss!” with Ririri in the video above.

It looks like 4-year-old dancer Kazuki has her work cut out for her…

We’ve posted a few of her collaboration videos below, but the full playlist can be found here. Enjoy!

▼ “Heart Beats” by Megurine Luka feat. Wata

▼ “Natsukoi Hanabi” by Chano (40mP) feat. Mecrochin & Aoi

▼ “Happy Synthesizer” by Megurine Luka feat. Tadanon & Kadan Kamen

▼ “ZIGG-ZAGG” by Hatsune Miku feat. @Chiichan

▼ “Sweetiex2” by Hatsune Miku feat. Naabodoufu@Nana

Source: Niconico, YouTube